Few heard what happened, one person believes in the truth.


Rafik is a security personnel who works for the largest art gallery in Lebanon. Surprisingly he becomes the chief director of security team even though he has no previous experience in this job.

Many people around the gallery talk about some haunting stories, but Rafik is quite rational and smart young guy. He doesn't give any attention to those stories until some day he witnesses the ghost's footage in his surveillance monitor. The curiosity makes him and his closest friends run after this mystery.


Stian is a middle-aged paralyzed man who used to be a ski champion in Norway. Everybody -including the doctors- thinks that Stian is in a vegetative state, but he is actually awake for several years. Stian's screams are unheard while he is trapped in his body.

After years, an unexpected voice becomes his company and suddenly gives him away another life with exceeding possibilities.


Sean is an ambitious astronaut who works for NASA. He is been doing his job with a lot of questions in his mind. He is aware of many operations which are hidden from the rest of association.

Young astronauts are not assigned to any important task for years, all their managers saying is to be more patient. They are always kept trained as if their team would be sent in a shuttle on the next day. What their managers are doing instead is sending more research robots to Mars.

Before Sean loses his faith, a secret door is uncovered in an early known area: Cydonia