Book Trailer


Sverre Halaas Haanshuus works for well-known Norwegian tv channel TV-Norge. He is the editor of a prime-time tv program called '4-stjerners middag'.

Because of his interest in fictional stories, he accepted to be the director of Cydonia book trailer. Also with Sverre's help, the audio recording of the film was made at the studios that are used by TV-Norge.


The shooting was made in 3 different locations and the cast varying from 6 different nations made their effort. Actors from Iraq, New Zealand, Norway, Israel and Turkey contributed in the scenes.

Cydonia film music was composed by Jacob Moth and the recording was made at Apollo Music studios in Denmark.


The film's final scene was prepared by the 3D graphics designers Stian Nilsen who continues his professional carrier at Reuters.

The latest picture that the animation represents will be used as the cover of the book.